KIBIT, which can understand human subtleties (tacit knowledge, intuition, and judgment) helps humans make decisions in various social scenes. By applying this AI engine, we will advance into new business fields, including healthcare and robotics.

“Solving human and social challenges through services that leverage proprietary AI technology”

2003년 설립 이래로 FRONTEO는 많은 양의 이메일과 비즈니스 문서 속에서 보다 빠르고 정확하게 증거를 찾아내기 위한 솔루션 연구를 지속했습니다. 그 결과 전문가의 의사결정 기준을 학습하여 사안과 관련된 정보를 신속하게 분석하는 인공지능 데이터 분석 기술 KIBIT을 개발했습니다. FRONTEO는 자체 개발한 인공지능 기술 KIBIT의 적용 영역을 eDiscovery, Healthcare, Business Intelligence 등 다양한 분야로 확장하고자 합니다.


Using AI to Streamline the Burden of Cross-Border Litigation

Taking advantage of more than 10 years of experience in handling litigation cases to enable litigation management divisions to efficiently collect, extract and review electronic evidence. Providing solutions that reduce risks involved in the management of corporate legal affairs.

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AI Ensures Efficient, High-Precision, Around-the-Clock Auditing

The KIBIT AI has learned the investigative techniques used by auditors and uses these to extract relevant e-mails, as well as automatically learning from audit results. It provides a visual representation of inherent risk incredibly cheaply, accurately, and speedily.

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Advanced Forensics

Advanced AI Analysis Improves Quality of Forensics

Our AI system discovers potential evidence from tiny clues under difficult circumstances by making full use of cutting-edge technology to investigate incidents such as information leakage, workplace problems and employee wrongdoing.

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AI-Based Healthcare Data Analysis Solution

The KIBIT AI engine contributes to the provision of higher quality medical care to patients by helping medical staff improve their work processes based on the analysis of electronic medical case data accumulated into a big-data archive.

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Create New Business Opportunities with AI-Based Recommender System

The KIBIT AI engine learns individual consumers’ preferences based on their selection of favorite products and articles and selects and recommends suitable products and services after sifting through a huge volume of data.

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Discovering “Unknown Self”

The Kibiro AI robot learns users’ preferences and sensibilities from a small volume of data and helps them identify their hidden preferences and discover their “unknown self.”

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Analyzes All Kinds of Business Communications to Support Good Business Decisions

Teaching the AI KIBIT the tacit knowledge of specialists in a variety of fields helps to elicit information that supports companies in making good business decisions informed by analysis, forecasting, and trends.

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Realizing a Safe and Secure Society by Detecting Potential Public Security Risks

The know-how of data analysis using the KIBIT AI engine is applied to sift through a huge volume of data available on the Internet and identify posted comments and other messages containing potential signs of risk at an early stage.

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